How 5th Graders Feel About Entering Middle School

Paige Pinion and Jena Keller

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Last week, we interviewed a few 5th graders about how they feel going into middle school. We asked two boys and two girls several questions and had them answer one at a time. To find out what they said, read on.


Question: What are you looking forward to (excited for) in middle school?

Girl Answer: Most of the classes.

Girl Answer: My brother is in middle school and I want his teachers.

Boy Answer: Having a five minute break between classes

Boy Answer: Parties and lock-ins.


Question: What class do you think you will achieve the most in?

Girl Answer: I don’t really know.

Girl Answer: I don’t know.

Boy Answer: Science because it seems easy. Actually, I change my mind to reading.

Boy Answer: Math is going to have hard quizzes. All of them are hard. I think I will achieve in electives.


Question: How do you feel about transitioning from number grades to letter grades?

Girl Answer: I’m looking forward to it because we will have more than four grades. In number grades you can only have two grades that meet standard, three and four.

Girl Answer: I feel like letter grades are harder to understand. I know an A+ or an A is the highest.

Boy Answer: I feel good.

Boy Answer: I feel good because I like letters better than numbers.


Question: What makes you the most nervous about middle school?

Girl Answer: Bad grades and homework.

Girl Answer: I feel like I am going to forget a lot of things.

Boy Answer: That we’re going to be with other kids, like older kids in my other classes. It will be scary.

Boy Answer: Everything. The tests and worksheets in middle school.


Question: Do you think that middle school will be easier or harder than elementary?

Girl Answer: Harder.

Girl Answer: Harder.

Boy answer: Easier.

Boy Answer: I feel bad because there will be hard quizzes and tests. I’m scared because of all the tests and papers in middle school.