Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence

Amelia Wignall, Journalist, Editing Board Member

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In the past year, Artificial Intelligence has taken on many new jobs. Scientists have been working for years to make AI smart enough to do simple tasks that computers can’t manage.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is the intelligence of a computer or machine compared to the natural intelligence of humans. AI is incapable of feeling emotions and therefore cannot make decisions based on what is the most moral thing to do, it can only make decisions based on what is the most logical thing to do. There are thousands of other things that AI can’t do as well as humans, but computer scientists continue to develop it so it can do everything they want it to.

Developments in AI in 2018

In 2018, Artificial Intelligence has taken on several new jobs, some of which will take years for it to master.

  • In 2018, the first Artifical Intelligence that diagnoses health problems was put into action. The AI specializes in scanning eye images and diagnosing things from diabetes to heart problems.
  • AI can now discover new craters on the moon that we have been unable to spot before. This technology can be used to further understand the moon’s history.
  • One AI can create fake video footage that makes the subject of the video mimic the subject of another video.
  • AI that can now predict earthquakes can help people evacuate areas. This cannot predict earthquakes correct every time, but if perfected, this technology may become very valuable and save many lives.

Overall, Artifical Intelligence is greater than we could ever have imagined, and someday it will be able to do many more things. Artificial Intelligence could eventually be a vital part of our world, but we need to keep working to make it better.