The Past Is The Present

Carmella Terrones, Journalist

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Why is Social Studies Important in a Student’s Education? 

Perhaps because the study of history promotes critical thinking, social studies create a cultural literacy or encourages responsible citizenship. One of the most important reasons why history is a subject in school is because history continues to matter.

Why has North Korea developed a nuclear arsenal that threatens the United States? Why are thousands of Hondurans camped out on the southern border of the United States? Why have many athletes decided to kneel-down during the national anthem? All these questions can be answered at school in social studies.

People have suggested a different method for teachers to use to easily facilitate these connections. The method is illustrated with two examples, one from Global History and the other from the United States History. And the method will have different challenges for different types of students. The goal for this method is to help students who think in a different way. As you probably think, most kids have different styles of learning, and the new method is going to help kids that are slow workers and some that are fast thinkers.

The method is that from last year was a kid that came up with an idea such as comparing the Chinese Exclusion Act to President Trump’s ban on citizens from seven predominantly Muslim Countries.

To help social studies teachers, and to encourage students, The New York Times (  is holding a contest from December 6 to January 21. The contest invites any teenager anywhere in the world to make a link about something you’re studying in school with the world today.