Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles

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Hogwarts School of Prayer and Miracles

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The Harry Potter world is large.

Very, very large.

Thousands of fans come to the internet every day to post art, fan-fiction, and content every day on sites like Pinterest, Tumblr, and Fanfiction.net. Most people in Europe and America have heard of Harry Potter. It. Is. Huge.

Which makes sense, JK Rowling has created a series for all people of all ages to enjoy. The world is booming, and she keeps adding details to complete the world itself. For example, Dumbledore’s sexuality, how Hermione could not be Caucasian, and a LOT of other things. Fans are trying to figure things out for themselves. Thousands of alternate

universes, different endings, and conspiracy theories have been created.

But I don’t think that there has ever been quite an alternate universe like this.

A user named proudhousewife posted a story on fanfiction.net, that, quite honestly, shook my world view, and I wanted to share it with others.

She writes in her bio, “Do you want your little ones to read books; and they want to read the Harry Potter Books; but you do not want them to turn into witches? Well, this is the story for you! This story has all the adventure of JKR’s books, but will not lead your children astray. For concerned mommies everywhere! Blessings! Grace Ann”.

And from then on, I was hooked.

Grace Ann frequently posts bible verses in her stories, and the way she depicts the story is wonderful. I truly and quite honestly believe that this IS what the Harry Potter series was supposed to be.

And when I read this story, I could feel all the witchcraft and the confusion lift away from me.

It truly was a magical experience.


(Disclaimer: I am in no way making fun of Christianity and other’s beliefs. This work is also a piece of satire.)