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Week 8

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This week’s featured pet is…

Stripes is a 6 year old tabby, His owner is Molly Winter.

Today we are interviewing Molly Winter about her relationship with her pet and how she felt when she got the news!


Q: How did you feel when you got the news?

A: “Happy, and excited because my adorable little Stripes is going to be in the newspaper.”


Q: What is Stripes’ favorite activity?

A: “Sitting outside for random hours of the day and standing around but not coming inside.”


Q: What is Stripes favorite cat food?

A: “Salmon. (However) he doesn’t really have a favorite, because he tries to steal from the table.”


Q: How playful is Stripes?

A: “It varies, but most of the time he’s pretty playful.”


Q: Is Stripes your only pet? If not, is he your favorite?

A: “No, I don’t have favorites.”


Q: How long have you had Stripes?

A: “5 and 1/2 years.”


Q: Who is Stripes’ favorite in the family?

A: “Me or my dad.”


Q: On a scale of 1-10 how friendly is Stripes?

A: “3.”


Q: Does Stripes have any nick-names?

A: “Stripers and Pinemart.”


Q: What is your funniest memory with Stripes?

A: “Probably a week ago, when he caught a live mouse then ran by with it.”


Bonus Info: He’s so small for his breed, also, he was also trapped in a barn for 3 days when he was two weeks old.




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