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Week 7

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This week’s featured pet of the week is….

Einstein is a 5 month old Westie. His owner is Octavia Harke.

Today we are interviewing Octavia about her relationship with her dog and how she felt when he got the news.

Q: How did you feel when you got the news?

A: “I felt excited!”


Q: What is the cutest thing Einstein has done?

A: “Um, I think it’s when he had his bully stick. He would fall on his back and jump around like crazy!”


Q: What is Einstein’s favorite activity?

A: “Probably playing tug-o-war, when he and my dad play they use a toy squirrel or toy log.”


Q: On a scale of 1-10 how hyper is Einstein?

A:  “Sometimes when he is excited he usually bites. I don’t know what scale he would be though.”


Q: How old was Einstein when you got him? How long have you had him?

A: “I think 10 weeks old, I got him earlier this year.”


Q: Do you have any other pets?

A: “No, Einstein’s the first pet I’ve ever had.”


Q: Does Einstein have any animal friends?

A: “Yeah, there’s a dog named Coral, she is my mom’s friend’s dog.”


Q: Who is Einstein’s favorite in the family?

A: “I think it’s my dad or my grandma I don’t know which. But I think it’s my Grandma because when he sees her he wags his tail like crazy and tinkles when he sees her.”


Q: What’s Einstein’s favorite food?

A: “Cheese. Einstein’s breeder says Westie’s will do anything for cheese.”


Bonus Info: He’s a single dog.


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