California Fires

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California Fires

Carmella Terrones, Journalist

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In California, a fire is destroying peoples houses. People from all around California are helping ones in need. This whole thing started November 10, 2018 by two companies, Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) and Southern California Edison (SCE). This end by lots of people losing their homes, and some their lives. 


How deadly is it? 

In just two years 105 people have died from California wild fires, eclipsing the total number of wildfire fatalities in the entire previous decade, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. That’s more than the US deaths from earthquakes since 1990. The fire has killed 42 people as of Tuesday, topped the 29 killed in the Griffith Park fire in Los Angeles in 1933, the 25 killed in the Tunnel Fire in 1991, and 22 killed in the topped the Wine Country Tubbs Fire. 


How big is it? 

The fire has burned 125,000 acres of land in the past few weeks. 30 percent of the fire is four time the size of San Francisco. And in the past week, California wildfires on state and federal land had already burned 2,139 square miles this year. That is almost twice the size of Rhode Island. 


How destructive is it? 

The camp fire has destroyed 6,522 residences, about 2,000 more homes than the 4,441 built in San Franciso in all of 2017. In the Tubb fire 5,643 structures were burned down. And2,900 structures in the Oakland Hills fire. 


How smoky is it? 

In Northern California, the camp fire has made the air quality be dangerous. As the unhealthy smoke is in the air, people are asked to stay inside, and sports games are postponed. The air quality is bad, according to Purple air a company that monitors air quality globally through sensors around the world, the air in Chico spiked up to 599 on Saturday, on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Air Quality Index. As people are weird about their health as they breath the bad air, the best thing for them is to stay inside. 


What’s the damage in dollars? 

In the last year, wild fires reached an estimated $12.5 billion in insured losses. But in the last week the estimated loss is $6.8 billion.  


How many firefighters are fighting? 

Nearly 8,800 firefighters have battled the fire to save others. Sadly a few have died, and a few or injured. 


This historical event has destroyed peoples house and lost lives of many people. As we help built California back up, think about everyone that has helped someone and didn’t survive.