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Week Five

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This week’s featured pet of the week is….

Archie is a one year old Yellow Labrador, his owner is Eli Nelson.

Today we are interviewing Eli Nelson about his relationship with his dog and how he felt when he got the news.

Q: How did you feel when you got the news?

A: “I felt super excited that Me and Archie we’re both going to be in the newspaper!”

Q: Is Archie your only pet? If so, how long have you had him?

A: “No Archie is not my only pet, I have Annie she is a 7 year old Black GoldenDoodle (Mix Between Golden Retriever and a Black poodle)”

Q: Does Archie have a nickname? If so, what?

A: “Mostly just Arch, sometimes Archie Noodle because he is yellow like a noodle.”

Q: On a scale of 1-10 how friendly is Archie?

A: “Oh Archie, he is definitely a 10. He would never bite or hurt anybody even if they were  being mean to him, he is the sweetest.”

Q: Who is Archie’s favorite in the family?

A: “Dad, it’s not even close. Every night my dad and Archie snuggle on the carpet for like 15 minutes before my dad goes to bed.”

Q: What is Archie’s favorite activity?

A: “Definitely catching and running for the the tennis ball at the water tower on Dravus, near school.”

Q: What’s your funniest memory with Archie?

A: “One time we walked into the room and he had a Goldfish container on his head. It was really funny.”


Bonus Info: He’s small for a Lab, he loves tennis balls, and eating.



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