Ichiro Teriyaki

The Local Japanese Hotspot

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Ichiro Teriyaki

Maya Moses and Alexa Hendrix, Editing Board Member and Journalist

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The 21st century is very different than any time before it. We have access to different tastes, given to us by beautiful cultures that have blossomed their way into America’s heart. Today we will shine some light on Japanese food. Here in Seattle it’s even more popular because of how common it is. In this article, we will review our local Japanese hotspot, Ichiro Sushi and Teriyaki. 

Ichiro Teriyaki sits on 32nd Avenue in Magnolia. It’s a perfect place to visit after school with friends or family, and its distance from our school makes it a nice place to chill after the bell rings. It has a quaint façade and the window holds a neon ‘open’ sign that is visible to any passerby. The inside is quite small, but what this humble sushi joint lacks in size, it makes up in the quality of the food they serve. 

This is the California roll. It is $4.95 at Ichiro’s.

After sitting down at a small table, we ordered some popular foods that you or maybe some other people you know would enjoy. Among these foods were:  

  • The California Roll

The California Roll was fresh, chilled, and delicious when dipped in soy sauce. And for how quickly it came, we rated this dish 4.5/5 stars. 

  • The Pork Gyoza

The gyoza came out in a flash and was perfectly crisp. It came with dipping sauce that went great with the warm pork center. We rated this 4/5 stars. 

  • The Chicken Teriyaki 

When we got the Chicken Teriyaki after the gyoza, There was a lot on the plate (more than enough for the two of us). It came with two small piles of steaming fluffy rice that perfectly complimented the sweet sauce on the chicken. We rated this a 5/5, but, you might not enjoy it if you don’t like teriyaki. 

After a long and sweet afternoon at Ichiro’s, we confirmed that the food at Ichiro exceeds our previous standards for Japanese food. 


Photo of Chicken Teriyaki. This is $7.95 at Ichiro’s.

This is the Pork Gyoza. It’s $5.25 at Ichiro’s.